About Early Minds Education

At EarlyMinds we feel that parents and caregivers should be an integral part of a child’s learning. We also understand that in the 21st century lifestyle, time and energy are in short supply.

Our goal is to provide the knowledge and resources to make it easier for anyone to be actively involved in the early development of a young child. Giving them a strong foundation that fully prepares them for learning and developing the skills they need to be successful and confident.

We believe that given the help and resources, everyone who spends time with a child can learn how to teach them in a way that supports their specific needs and gives them a joy of learning that will stay with them for their entire lives.

Multi-sensorial approach

We follow a Multi-sensorial approach to learning because each of us learn in a different way but it is usually with a combination of the senses. Following a Multi-sensorial approach in a child’s early development will give them the opportunity to find their learning style. When you combine all the senses you increase the ability to absorb the information.

Multi-sensorial Diagram

Multi-sensorial diagram


In addition to the resources here on this site we also have downloadable lessons on a growing list of specific subjects.

At www.earlyminds.com we are building a collection of resources that will help you develop your teaching skills along with your child’s development. Video, downloadable lessons, with all the materials included and simple to follow, step-by-step instructions with each project. All Early Minds resources have been designed and produced by Jill and David Whitehouse, specifically for parents.